Reducing waste in a university

Energy efficiency

Ensure computers and electronic equipment are switched off at night and monitors are switched off when staff are away from their desks during the day. Use electronic communication where possible to reduce printing.


Subscriptions for publications can be expensive, so regular review of their use is essential. Track usage of periodicals to determine how often individual publications are being utilised. If some periodicals have little or no use, cancel their order thus reducing cost and environmental impact.


Replace bulbs with energy efficient, compact fluorescent lamps and slimline tubes. These can typically make immediate savings on your lighting bill of 50% and last ten times longer. Ensure lighting controls are clearly labelled with good signage, especially if grouped together.

Packaging reuse

Reuse incoming packaging for the distribution of goods where possible. Where this is not possible, group items into one delivery, and ensure that the packaging used is a suitable size to minimise the use of filler.

Furniture reuse

When refitting, reduce landfill by donating unwanted furniture to a reuse organisation or charity. This also reduces virgin materials being used in the production of new items.




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